Let’s start the year off right!

So many announcements to begin CFP’s 8th year. Something that is truly incredible and everyone of you should be proud of. That being said there are a bunch of things I want you guys to be thinking about when you start to recommit to a normal schedule.
1. Congratulations to Eric and Amanda, such a beautiful ceremony at an amazing venue with really great people. And can we talk about the firework show Peter, Mike and Jill put on?! So much fun.
2. With the addition of WODify, there are many cool features you can utilize to help you achieve your fitness goal for 2016. That being said I want you guys to really think about something you’d like to accomplish this year in the gym. Something that gets you excited just thinking about. It could be anything from getting to CrossFit Portsmouth 3 days a week, to completing your first muscle up. But committing to the goal is the scariest part, and the coaches want to help and hold you accountable. If you want to dial in your nutrition or add in a little extra work, email a coach and get on a plan. Let’s start the year off right together.
3. Portsmouth Barbell Club is going to start meeting in January. If you are some one who is interested in supplementing their CrossFit workouts with designated times to simply focus on increasing your olympic lifts the the PBC is something to look at. Meeting 2x a week, Thursdays at 5:15 and Sundays at 9am, specialized programming will help you with form, strength, speed and stabilization. Email me if you are interested or have any questions.
Lastly, with the addition of the PBC, there will be a small change in schedule on Thursdays. We are going to add a 4:15 and remove the 5:15 to make a little room. Please try to remember that there is now only 2 classes on Thursday night, a 4:15 and a 6:15.

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