Port @your Place – Friday 3/27

Stress Free Friday!

Hobbies allow us to relax and sort of “zone out” while doing something we find enjoyable. Hobbies can be physical like golf, gardening, or dancing, or they can be activities like writing, making music, or crafting that provide an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. In addition to being great stress relievers, research shows that hobbies can have positive effects on overall wellbeing and have been scientifically proven to help people who have been exposed to trauma.

Today, put an hour aside for you and your hobby. Share it with us if you’re comfortable.


Warm-up #1
Full body flow; 3 to 5 reps
2 lunges each side + 2 air squats + 2 good mornings + 2 inchworms w/2 push-ups each + :10 down dog + 1 spiderman each side with 3 rotations + :10 superman hold + :10 hollow hold

Core smash
10 v-ups
20 DB pull-throughs
10 SL v-ups
:20 hollow hold
Rest as needed between rounds, complete 3 total

2 rounds
20t pistols or 30 air squats
20t DB S2OH
Into a 200m run
Rest 1:30, x3
So, complete 2 rounds of 20/20 and then 1 run. Rest 1:30 when you come back from the run and repeat for 3 total rounds. So 6 total rounds of the pistols and S2OH and 3 runs.

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