Port @your Place – Monday 4/27

Motivation Monday
Find a way to come to grips with the fact that moving every day is a top priority. Relationships, kids and work are important, but daily fitness is critical to so many things including your mental well being. That being said, it doesn’t have to be dumbbells and double unders. It can be a 20 minute stretch session, a walk around the neighborhood or a family bike ride. Redefine what daily movement means to you and find peace in whatever your fitness routine brings you.

Push Play – Monday April 27

Spend 1:00 warming up with a jump rope, rower or bike.
Then, 2 rounds of
10 ground scrapers in place
10 90/90 stretches
10 spiderman to rotation to straight leg
10 snow angels
10 scorpions

3 rounds
10e DB high pulls
15e DB RDL’s
20 deadbugs

“Hopp and Grind”
2 min AMRAP
18 DB snatches
9 burpees
Max air squats in time remaining
Rest 1:00, x6

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