Port @your Place – Tuesday 4/14

We might not be working towards adding 5# to our max clean and jerk but we are finding ways to stay fit and healthy during such a bizarre time.

Do not hold yourself accountable to the degree of difficulty and intensity that we found daily in the gym environment. Instead, find peace in movement. Be grateful that you can and are moving daily. Every day is a different challenge, but don’t create another one because the workouts are not “hard” enough. Keep the mental battle to a minimum and just keep swimming.

Work on being excellent in your movements. Full ROM and investment in the technique. Today we will be doing something a lot of people might despise, but to be fit, we need to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. Today will be a good day to do both.

Check out my video here for a good warm-up and some tips on how to approach the run.

1 time through with holds in tight positions.
10 alternating spiderman stretches with a rotation each time
10 Cossack squats
:30 calf stretch on each side
10 leg swings each
10 scorpions
:30 quad stretch each side
10 high knees
10 A skips
Right into a 400m run at 60%
Catch your breath, stretch anything you found to be tight in your warm-up run, grab a sip of water and let’s get after this one.

5k run

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