Port @your Place – Wednesday 4/15

Weekly challenge Wednesday. On top of all the other things you have going on, plus finding time to workout, and fit in some Murph training, I am going to add in one more thing. For the rest of the week, I challenge you to find time two times to sit for 20 minutes a piece and work on challenging yourself mentally outside of the box created by your normal roles. No, it can’t be work-related. No, it can’t be kid-related.

Grab a crossword puzzle, play a game of scrabble, download a mind game app. Spend 20 minutes flexing your mental muscles two times before Sunday.


PushPlay Playlist for WED:


Spend 2 min in bottom of OHS with band or broomstick
Every :30, stand up and complete 10 dislocates
Then, 3 rounds on each side
20 jumping jack
10 air squats
5 DB strict press
5 DB push press
5 DB push jerks

A1. Seated DB strict press
A2. Pull-up variation
Both movements are very individual here based on equipment, coach driven

“Choir Bells”
5 rounds
10e SA DB deadlifts
200m run
30 DU’s
:40 hollow hold

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