Port @your Place – Wednesday 4/8

Your daily task is less of a daily assignment and more of a weekly one. I want you to think about one good thing you can do for someone else. It can be anything, big or small, but you get extra points if this person or group of people are strangers.

Volunteer on a food pantry, donate some unused clothes, compliment someone. Anything counts as long as generosity is the driving reason.

PushPlay Playlist

:30 jumping jacks
:30 seal jacks
Then, 3 to 5 rounds
10 push-ups to 2 toe touches
10 sumo squats
10 glute bridges

HS push-ups or piked push-ups – complete 4 sets of a max effort -2 reps

“Sunset to Sunrise”
3 rounds
50t SA DB swings
100 DU’s
50t reverse goblet lunges
Rest 2:00

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