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We are very excited to announce Coach Ashley as our new in-house Nutrition Coach! Although recently certified through Precision Nutrition, Ashley has been interested and involved in health, nutrition, and fitness since she joined CrossFit in 2013. She’s tried all sorts of training programs and nutrition approaches both to reach body composition and performance goals, but also and most recently, in finding a balanced healthy living lifestyle. No matter your goal, Ashley is prepared to help you reach it, offering accountability and support along the way as you take control of your personal wellness goals!

To learn more, email to set up your free consultation today!

Nutrition Packages:

Individualized one-on-one Coaching

This program is ideal for anyone looking to build a personal and individualized nutrition plan. No matter your past knowledge or future goals, Coach Ashley will work with you to create a sustainable approach suited for you. After your first consultation, you will start with an on-boarding questionnaire to help get a full picture of just who you are and how we can help you get where you want to go! Then, through goal-setting, weekly check-ins, and various forms of on-going communication, you will be provided with the support and accountability that is so important for staying on track.

What you can expect:
  • Macronutrient goals and how to track them appropriately for you.
  • Build a plan for your unique goals: gaining muscle, losing weight or losing body fat, increased performance and recovery, building a healthier relationship with food, and more.
  • 30-minute weekly check-ins as well as access to Ashley’s email and text for any other questions that arise during the week.
  • Learn how to approach staying on track with your goals in your everyday life and all the special occasions, weekends, and gatherings that come with it.
  • Receive food lists and recipe suggestions.
  • Results-based changes to the plan to support progress and changing goals.
  • Recommendations for before/during/after workout nutrition practices.
  • Other support, guidance, and resources available, as needed!

Macro Calculations

This is well-suited for individuals who already have some knowledge and practice with tracking macronutrients. You will receive customized daily macronutrient and calorie goals. Your numbers are calculated based on personal details such as height, weight, age, as well as your daily activity levels and what your goals are and when you’d like to reach them. This includes one re-calculation or adjustment, as needed, along with a check-in to discuss progress and any challenges that have come up.


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