WOD – Friday 2/15

One week from today marks the beginning of the 2019 open season. Have you signed up?

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 scap push-ups
2 wall climbs into a :20 HS hold
Coach led HS walking dynamic warm-up
Bear crawl
Plank walk left
Plank walk right
*add band

HS and HS walking
Review the performance cues of the handstand and how to transition into HS walking.

This is one of those movements that unless you develop the confidence, it is hard to start to build experience walking around on your hands. If you have built a good foundation and are capable of kicking up onto the wall and demonstrating control and engagement, your next step is to start to move your weight side to side to simulate picking you hands up as you walk. Here are the progressions you can move through, based on your ability level. The priority here is to challenge yourself to get better at something today regardless of what that is.
1. Shoulder taps in plank
2. Walking laterally in the plank
3. Shoulder taps piked on a box
4. Walking piked on a box
5. Shoulder taps against a wall
6. Kick up and walk toward the wall
7. HS walk 5/10/15′
8. Obstacle course

Power cleans
Box jumps (24/20”)
Front squats
OtB burpees
*same bar for all 3 movements (115/75#)
So round 1 you will complete 20 reps of each movement with the same bar. Moving down the line. Round 2 will be 15 reps and the last round will be 10 reps. Going to be a fun one based on the variety. Who is going to try to go unbroken?

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