WOD – Friday 2/8

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
3 rounds
10t DB hang clean & jerk (build in weight)
10 hollow rocks + :15 hollow hold
0:15 bar hang + 3 strict and slow hanging leg raises

Shoulders and hip flexors

The Open – judging, scoring, and overall review
Going through what our Fridays might look like moving into the open. How classes will be run and what to expect when completing an Open WOD during the day of Friday.

Open WOD 18.1
20 min AMRAP
8 T2B
10 DB hang clean and jerks (50/35#)
14/12 cal row
We did this one on 2/24 of last year. If you remember it, you know that it is long and the length is the challenging part. During all 20 minutes, being smart on the T2B will be key if yours have a tendency to fall apart. Other than that, finding a pace you can hold for the whole 20 minutes will be important. Look back to see how you did and aim to demolish that score.

You do not have to alternate every rep of the clean and jerks, but you must perform 5 on one side and then 5 on the other.

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