WOD – Friday 3/13

Friday the 13th and this banger of a repeat WOD? Whoa boy!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, PVC mobility as a class
The Port Snatch warm-up

CF Strength
Squat snatch – perform one lift every :90 for a total of 6 to 8 lifts
Since you must lift every minute and a half, PRing this lift might be tricky, however, the goal is to build up to something pretty heavy in this session. So build a plan and have a goal.
With the squat snatch, you can only work on technique so much before you must force yourself under the bar. Building confidence with a PVC and working towards a barbell will help you become more comfortable simply catching in a squat. Today is a good opportunity to experience some reps. If you are still working with this movement, build up to a moderate weight and hit 6 to 8 singles. Or power snatch and OHS to better prepare for the workout.

“Field Kit”
3 rounds
15 over the bar burpees
15 power snatches (95/65#)(75/55#)
15 OHS
15 C2B
This one took a lot of people by surprise the last time. Coming out incredibly hot did not prove to be a valid strategy and quickly turned into damage control. This time, be ready for it. The barbell should be relatively light but because of the number of reps, going unbroken will probably not be in the cards. Prepare and schedule planned rests so you can pick the bar up and keep going. Despite your breathing and heart rate, be smart and allow yourself a second before continuing. The burpees and chest to bar will really exhaust the smaller stabilizing muscles making the power snatches and OHS much more of a challenge. So stick to your plan and crush it this time around.

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