WOD – Friday 6/12

Spend 2 min in Z1
20t deadbug
20t bird dogs
8e single leg RDL’s w/BB

Deadlift – 4×5
All sets and reps done at a RPE of 7
A very different session from last week. Even though you look at this one as something you can approach with heavier weight in mind be careful about the overall volume. Last week we did 3 sets of 10 around a RPE of 6. So 30 total reps with moderate weight. Today we are going from a RPE of 6 to 7 and completing 4 sets of 5, so 20 reps in total. 10 reps less than last week but with more weight in mind. Do not go crazy but look to find something challenging for all 20 reps.

5 rounds
6e SL RDL’s w/DB
12 banded good mornings
:30 hollow hold

12 min EMOM
1. 10t SA DB hang clean and jerks
2. 15/12 cals row
3. 30 DU’s
As with any EMOM, you want to make sure you are resting each minute. Do not take on too much and force yourself directly from one movement into the other. We are reintroducing ourselves to our friend the dumbbell. It has been far too long.

12 min EMOM
1. :40 plate G2OH
2. :40 cals row
3. :40 of jump rope
Instead of having a goal based on reps, you have a goal based on time. Work hard for :40 and then use the :20 to rest and transition. Sometimes just having a time frame instead of a rep number helps you focus less on the reps and more on the quality and intensity.

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