WOD – Friday 7/24

2:00 on rower
Then, 6 min EMOM
1. 15 light goblet squats
2. 15 good mornings
3. :40 hollow hold

Front squat – 3×3; AHAP and across
10 to 12 minutes to get this done. So have a pretty good idea of what you’d like on the bar and get after it.

4 rounds
8e Bulgarian split squats
:20e hold at parallel
20 fast air squats
No rest between any movements. Rest after each round as needed.

3 min AMRAP
10 squat cleans
15 T2B
ME row in the time remaining
Rest 1:30, x3

3 min AMRAP
10t DB hang squat cleans
15 laying toe touches to DB
ME row in the time remaining
Rest 1:30, x3

Fathom – intervals with a pretty decent work to rest ratio. You won’t get a full recovery, but you will be able to get your heart rate down and breathing under control.
Gear – push these 3 rounds. When you are done with the cleans and T2B, you may be looking at close to 1:30 to accumulate calories, so making it hurt for that long sometimes seems like a daunting task. Go.
Knots – The power cleans should be unbroken, the T2B should be done in 2 or 3 sets. But this workout all comes down to how hard you’re willing to push that rower. Find a pace that is a little unnerving and see if you can hang on. It’s only three rounds and when you are done, you will feel much better about your effort than you would have if you coasted through.
Let me just clarify. I am not asking you to go all out. But I am challenging you to dig deep and push a little harder than you might normally.
Current – make sure you are being conscious of other people’s squares when you are leaving and returning to your box for the T2B.

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