WOD – Monday 6/1

We’re Back!!!!!

Today marks the first step towards regaining a little bit of our normal routine pre-quarantine. Regardless of how much or how little you found time for fitness, we are going to ease back into things a bit. If you didn’t see my email a few nights ago, it went a little something like this.

“Your programming going forward is going to be heavily tapered. I know being allowed to come back into the candy shop is going to be exciting and you’re going to want it all right now, right away. Snatching, pull-ups, T2B, and back squats will be expected in the first few days back. But my job as head coach is to really make sure that we remember how to walk before they run. We are going to use tempo and pausing to make lifts harder while keeping the volume down. Work on positions and engagement. Workouts will use intervals and time domains to monitor intensity and rep numbers. We will still snatch, clean and jerk, T2B, and everything else, we just are going to build you up before we let you loose. There is going to be a tremendous amount of emphasis on being smart but unlike before where we expected you to scale accordingly yourselves as individuals, the programming you get will be scaled already. At about 40 to 60% of the full volume, you were used to before for the first few weeks and then 60 to 80% for the next few. It will be at least 6 weeks before we can get back to something that looked like it did pre-COVID. Your coaches will be incredibly thorough with your daily programming, they will know how to present it and you will still get great workouts, but we need to make sure we do it the right way.

I am also going to shift our focus a little bit going forward for the majority of our members. Being more functional and less competitive for our main track is going to be important. Doing things well and being able to come in whenever you want while still being able to pick up your kids. CrossFit will always be the basis of our methodology. But we do not need to prioritize our max set of butterfly pull-ups. We should be more focused on being able to step-up with equal amounts of weight left to right and being able to bring your hand all the way overhead.”

If you guys ever have any questions regarding your programming. Please feel free to reach out. I look forward to seeing many of you over the next couple of days. Here’s to an amazing week one back!

Spend 1:00 in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 Kossack squats
10t lateral steps with a monster band
10 goblet squats w/pause in the hole

Back squat – 3×10 with a :03 negative.
All sets and reps done at a RPE of 6
We need to be very deliberate and aware fo what we are doing with the barbell. Weight is secondary to good form and full ROM. Coming back from the 8+ weeks away from heavy compound movements like the back squat, deadlift, press, and Olympic lifts will need to be a slow reintroduction. Be smart today and really try to stick to the plan.

5 rounds
10 to 15 weighted squats; dumbbells or barbells
:45 wall sit after every set
Like the PortFit strength, picking a weight today will be very important. Even though the weights will be lighter, the goals for this strength session are pretty much the same. Build leg strength in a more dynamic way. Be smart and have a plan.

3 rounds
500m row
15 front squats (95/65#)(75/55#)(55/45#)
Today should be all about finding a pace that you can hold. Regardless of what physical fitness you have been doing there is nothing quite like rowing. Be ready to find a slightly slower pace than normal and be proud of whatever that means. Since it is only 3 rounds, the challenge is to get faster every round. Push each row a bit harder. Once you get tot he bar, make sure you have picked a weight where you can go unbroken with good form for all 3 rounds.

3 rounds
500m row, 400m run, 1000m bike or :90 of DU’s
15 goblet squats
If this track of fitness more aligns with your goals, you will need to keep track of what machine you are using day to day. Try to mix it up and spend equal amounts of time interacting with each of them.

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