WOD – Monday 6/22

On a 10:00 running clock
Have athletes start off with 3 minutes on an AB
Have them increase intensity each minute.
Minute 1 – Easy
Minute 2 – Moderate
Minute 3 – Moderate/Hard
20 glute bridges
20 plank-ups
20 arm circles forward
20 arm circles backwards
20 step-ups
:30 BB OH hold

Strict press – 4×5 w/2121 tempo
Look to increase from 6/3 both on the RPE scale and overall load
Half kneeling DB strict press – 4x8e

16 min AMRAP
21/18 cals AB
15 box jumps
9 push press (115/75#)(95/65#)(75/55#)
There will be no where to hide in this workout is you do not scale the weight on the barbell to something you can handle for all 9 reps. If the weight is appropriate, you can take a few breaths before you pick it up, get your 9 reps and take a few breaths before getting back on the bike. If the weight is too heavy, it will be very hard to keep thing in control and be safe here.

16 min AMRAP
21/18 cals AB/row, 400m run, or 100 DU’s
15 box jumps
9e DB push press

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