WOD – Monday 7/20

Spend 1:00 in Z1
Then, 2 to 3 rounds
10 inchworms
8e RDL’s
:30 hollow hold

Sumo deadlift – wave formate 5.3.1., x2; all TnG
All working weight, build to something challenging and start your 5. Build in the waves.
Wave 1 – 1×5@275.1×3@305.1×1@335
Wave 2 – 1×5@305.1×3@335.1×1@365
**15 perfect push-ups after every set of deadlifts**

5 rounds
15 DB deadlifts
15 push-ups

All tracks
3 to 4 rounds based on timing and sustainability.
20t DB goblet lunges
15/10 cals AB
20t SA DB S2OH
Rest 1:00
Fathom – moderate length workout here. Each round looking to be between 2:30 and 3:30. If any movement is taking you longer and forcing longer rounds, cut the reps or drop the weight.
Gear – each one of these should have sprint like feeling to them.
Knots – since both DB movements are only 10 a side, you can break them up and still move through them pretty quickly. The bike will be the linchpin in your intensity. If you can get on the bike and find a way to push hard, these rounds will fly by. If you cannot find that intensity on the bike, these rounds will drag on. Think about grabbing a rower or subbing a 200m run if you are concerned with it.
Current – all in your square

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