WOD – Saturday 10/3

2 or 3 rounds
15/10 cals AB
10 step-ups/box jumps
10 deadlifts/bent over rows/high pulls/power cleans

3 rounds
10 weighted sit-ups
15 banded tricep ext.
1 set of 21’s

4 rounds
20/16 cals AB
15 box jumps
10 hang power cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)

4 rounds
20/16 cals AB
15 box jumps
20t DB hang cleans

Fathom – moderate length workout here
Gear – going to be in a land of elevated heart rate from the very beginning. Just be ok with it, and find the right elevated amount
Knots – the calories on the bike will immediately test your ability to stay within your limit. So start with a decent pace and stay with a decent pace.
Current – al in your square

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