WOD – Saturday 2/16 – see Coaches Draft after WODs at 10am! Also will be live on Facebook

The coaches draft is happening today. Come watch if you have a little time on your hands.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 4 min AMRAP w/PVC
10 dislocates
10 OHS
10t Samson stretches w/PVC
10 hollow rocks w/PVC

Pigeon and keg drill

OHS – 3 reps E2:00 for 15 minutes total; building
With the OHS, think about working just as hard to keep the bar stable as you do about getting below parallel in the squat. Often times we simply forget to focus on maintaining that external rotation, pressing the bar out, and activating the lats during the lift because we are too worried about the squat portion. Allowing the bar to wobble and possibly bail forward or backward. Keep pressing the bar up, squeezing the lats and act like you’re trying to break the bar as you complete the squat.

Given the time frame of the lifting, we probably aren’t looking at hitting a new 3RM but rather using this session as an opportunity to get better at a difficult move and squat as much weight as we can while maintaining good form.

“Seats Taken”
70 cals row
60 med ball cleans (20/14#)
50 cals AB
Long grinder here. Again the med ball clean will require efficient movement and attention to form.

The medicine ball clean is a movement that if done well creates and reinforces good habits which, in turn, will transition to the clean and snatch. It is also a movement that can be faked. If you chose the later of the two, these are going to catch up with you in the first round. Good movement is efficient movement, so try to dial in the mechanics and hold yourself accountable to maintaining good form.

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