WOD – Saturday 2/2

3 rounds – switch which machine you spend the first minute on
1:00 ski, row or bike
1:00 sit-ups
1:00 air squats

Single leg mobility to prep for lunges

Double KB front rack walking lunge – 4x10t; AHAP
Just a single strength day even though it won’t take that long. Which means do some warm-up sets before picking a weight. Each set should be done AHAP and across. Foot placement is something we can all work on in the lunge. Try to mimic the finish position of the split jerk, really wide stance with both toes pointed in.

“Dirt Road”
5 rounds
1:00 ME cals AB
1:00 ME DU’s
1:00 ME burpees
1:00 rest
Our minute intervals for the week, except this week we are taking out the wall balls and replacing it with a mono-structural movement, meaning the pace will start high and end high. In that rest, do just that, rest. Take some big breaths and focus on getting the heart rate down a bit.

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