WOD – Saturday 9/12

9 min EMOM
1. :40 of rowing (increase distance each time)
2. 10 step-ups/box jumps
3. 5 DB deadlifts/rows

All tracks
20 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals any machine
2. 8t DB step-ups + 8 box jump overs
3. 5 DB burpee deadlifts + 10 renegade rows
4. Rest

Fathom – longer in duration, but it is an EMOM, so built-in breaks will help in recovery
Gear – work hard for :30 to :40 of each minute
Knots – the row might be the hardest part to complete in the tie frame, so you might want to think about getting no rest between minute 1 and minute 2. However, unlike the last EMOM we did, the 2 minutes following will be challenging in the fact that each contains two movements themselves. Make sure you pick DB’s that you can move efficiently so you are moving with a sustainable pace.

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