WOD – Saturday 9/19

1 or 2 rounds
200m run
10e DB strict press
10 air squats
12/10 cals AB
10e DB strict press
10 air squats

All tracks
2 rounds
800m run
40t SA DB strict press
100 air squats
50 cals AB

Fathom – moderate in length, little longer in feel
Gear – if you had to compare this to a run length, this is a mile run. Sustain a moderate pace in every single piece of today’s workout.
Knots – no much to the approach today. Try to limit the breaks you are taking and stay focused on gaining reps. Do not fall victim to a slower pace because each piece is a little longer in reps. Stay invested push it a bit.
Current – be respectful when coming in from your run and starting fitness in your square

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