WOD – Saturday 9/5

10.8.6 over the rower burpees
250/200m row before every round

All tracks
Partner work out
5000/4500/4000m row
Switch whenever you want, but non-rowing partner must hold 2 heavy objects in the suitcase position. If the holding partner has to take a break, the rowing partner must stop.

Fathom – long workout today where there is very little rest
Gear – your heart rate is going to be elevated the entire time because your rest isn’t much of a rest, its a chore
Knots – no approach here. Give our partner everything you’ve got and switch as frequently as possible to prevent a grip explosion. However, if you switch too much, you will spend way too long transitioning.
Current – easy peasy
*DB’s, KB’s, or plates; challenge yourself on the objects you are holding.

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