WOD – Sunday 7/12

Spend 2:00 in Z1
Then, 2 rounds
10 push-ups with 2 shoulder taps
:30 plank hold
10 step-ups
:30 wall sit

All tracks
3 rounds
10 hammer curls
15 OH tricep ext
20t slow Russian twists

All tracks
3 rounds
50t BW step-ups
400m run
1:00 HS hold
*if you break up the HS hold, you must complete 10 push-ups
Fathom – moderate length
Gear – a smart, consistent pace.
Knots – You might want to think about the HS holds while you are completing the rest of the workout. If you push the step-ups and runs too hard, you will have to break up the HS holds too many times. And then it is a battle between reps and fatigue. The more push-ups you do, the harder the holds will be. Be deliberate in your pacing and have a plan.
Current – make sure you are using the correlating spot on the wall.

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