WOD – Sunday 7/19

3 rounds
250m row
1:00 plank hold

Recharge WOD
20 min AMRAP
500m row
25 sit-ups
Fathom – 20 min AMRAP means we need to be consistent for 20 min. Think about how you might approach a 20 min row.
Gear – Just like earlier in the week, we want to stay out of those higher heart rates, think zone 2 or 3. That means 3rd or 4th gear depending on how efficient of a rower you are.
Knots – think about how you might approach a 20 min row that might be a good way to find a pace for this workout.
Current – all self-contained in your fitness square
*side note – virtuosity is the act of doing something common, uncommonly well. Rowing and sit-ups are both an example of something common. Neither is a high skill movement like a snatch nor are they high strength like a deadlift. But being good at them requires dedication and self-accountability. Coach Tom will go over both and try to take away something you can work on for each.

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