WOD – Sunday 7/26

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds of COVID box Cindy
10 band high pulls
10 air squats
10 push-ups

Banded work
A1. Palloff press – 4x10e
A2. Banded lat pull-downs – 4×10

4 rounds
150 SU’s
75 air squats
3 wall complexes
1 wall complex = 10 push-ups + 1 wall walk
Fathom – a longer workout in the moderate range. Not as short as Wednesday’s but certainly not as long as Tuesdays.
Gear – never out of breath, but always pushing the envelope.
Knots – EVERYONE is doing singles on the rope today. Those wall complexes are a blast. The Rx range of motion is completed with your stomach touching the wall, but doing it well means your hands, shoulders, hips, and toes are all in a straight line the entire time. If you are uncomfortable going all the way up, Try to stay hollow and climb as far as you can. Do not break form to get closer to the wall.
Current – Just like most days this week, everything but one movement is done within your square. Be resentful of maintaining distance as you move around the gym and stay out of other peoples business (squares)

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