WOD – Sunday 8/16

3 rounds
10 ATY’s with plates
10 sit-ups
:30 bar hang

All tracks
5 rounds not for time
25 American KBS
25 sit-ups
200m SA farmers carry
*switch when you want
P@UP sub DB swings and complete 15 on each side

TABATA burpees
No rest, spend the :10 holding an elevated plank

Fathom – this workout is not for time today, but for quality.
Gear – each movement should be hard, but we are fighting against our typical workout feel. Move through the workout, but not for speed.
Knots – today is an important day to come in and get your blood moving. Fitness is important to be done at all intensity levels and today’s workout shouldn’t be viewed as less important because it isn’t going to leave you on the ground when you are done. Come in, give it a good effort and push limits of your sets and reps. Anyone going unbroken on the farmer’s carry?
Current – the farmers carries will be outside but you will be using the same KB for your swings so there is no confusion

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