WOD – Thursday 7/16

An all strength day. We will see a lot more of these as long as we stay at 45 min classes. We might add some bike sprints or calorie challenges. But for the most part, your only focus is getting warmed-up, dialing in movement, and focusing on specific cues delivered by your coaches. If this doesn’t align with your goals, the Burn option will focus more on endurance strength and aerobic capacity.

Something for everyone today, but because the day is set-up to align with your goals, you must choose one or the other, not a mixture of both.

Start off with 3 minutes on an AB, increase intensity each minute.
Minute 1 – Easy
Minute 2 – Moderate
Minute 3 – Moderate/Hard
6 hook grip deadlifts
6 dip, drive and high pulls
6 high hang muscle cleans (include front rack stretch here)
6 high hang power cleans
6 high hang squat cleans
6 strict press
6 hang squat cleans
6 push press
6 squat cleans
6 push jerks

Weightlifting complex – 1 squat clean + 2 front squats + 1 push jerk
1 lift every :90 for 15 lifts total
Warming up and looking to start off at a moderate weight. Do not plan on building to a max lift because there are 15 total and you would have to start way too light. Not the goal. The goal of today is to accumulate volume. Should be more about how heavy could you complete all these at across. Think about 65 to 75% of your 1RM clean and jerk. Have a goal going into this one with an idea of how you want to approach it.

10 minutes on AB easy
Every 2:00 get off and complete 5 to 15 perfect push-ups

24 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals on a machine
2. 15 DB squats
3. 15 DB push jerks
4. Rest
All done with 2 DB’s

**P@YP Option**
24 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals on a machine ro 100m shuttle run
2. 8e SA DB squats
3. 8e SA DB S2OH
4. Rest

Fathom – 24 minutes is on the clock, but if you rest ;20 every minute and have every 4th minute off, that is only a working time of 12 minutes.
Gear – push each piece of today’s workout. Treat it like the harder you work, the more rest you have. Do not be irresponsible, but give it a little gas.
Knots – DB’s should allow for everything to be challenging, but unbroken. The cal’s will be the hardest part, so be realistic here.
Current – all self-contained in your fitness square

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