WOD – Thursday 7/2

9 min EMOM
Work at a moderate pace for :20 of each minute
1. Row
2. Wall balls
3. Lunges

All tracks
3 rounds
10 BB floor press
10e bent over rows
10 BB roll-outs
Bodybuilding Thursday!

3 rounds
500m row
40 DU’s
30t lunges with med ball
20 wall balls
10 ring dips
Rest 1:00 between rounds
This will be a slightly longer workout so be ready for a slightly slower pace. Also, do not forget that each round ends with a very difficult bodyweight movement. Scale each accordingly and have a blast with this one.

500m row or 400m run
40 touch touches to DB
30 DB goblet lunges
20 DB goblet thrusters
10 OH tricep extensions
Rest 1:00 between rounds
One DB for all movements. The OH tricep ext is done with both hands on the DB.

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