WOD – Thursday 7/23


PVC mobility, pigeon, and spiderman.
Then, 400m run
The Port snatch warm-up with emphasis on power position and the OHS

Weightlifting complex – 1 power snatch + 1 OHS
Spend 20 min on AB in Z1, every :90 get off and complete 1 lift. Complete 10 to 12 challenging lifts either building or staying across.
Last week we did something similar, but today’s lifts are different and your free time is spent moving a bike. It could be approached a couple of different ways based on what you’d like to get out of it. Those who want to work on the snatch but are still a little unsure about it could really push the bike and use the lifts as a way to practice with lower weight and high heart rate. Those of us who want to go heavy can use the bike to keep the body moving, working the aerobic system, and flushing the muscles while prepping for the next lift. Think about it and try to use it today as a way to feel accomplished.

1 round not for time
800m run
40t DB step-ups


PVC mobility, pigeon, and spiderman.
400m run
Then, 2 rounds
10 DB snatches
10 air squats

20 min EMOM
1. 14 DB snatches
2. 14 goblet squats
3. 200m run
4. Rest
Fathom – 20 minutes are on the clock, but if you rest :20 every minute and have every 4th minute off, that is only a working time of 10 minutes.
Gear – push each piece of today’s workout. Treat it like the harder you work, the more rest you have. Do not be irresponsible, but give it a little gas.
Knots – DB’s should allow for everything to be challenging, but unbroken. The run will be the hardest part, but you rest immediately after, so push the pace.
Current – all self-contained in your fitness square

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