WOD – Thursday 7/30

Start off with 2 minutes on an AB, interval intensity changes, coaches’ choice.
Minute 1 – Moderate
Minute 2 – Moderate/Hard
5 hook grip deadlifts
5 dip, drive and high pulls
5 high hang muscle cleans (include front rack stretch here)
5 high hang power cleans
5 high hang squat cleans
5 hang squat cleans
5 squat cleans

Squat clean – review movement cues and warm up to the weight you plan on ending the WOD with

Every 3:00 for 12:00 total
10 DB hang cleans right
10 DB front rack lunge right
10 DB hang cleans left
10 DB front rack lunge left

400m run burpee box jump overs squat cleans
**must increase weight on the bar every round**
25 min cap

5 rounds
400m run
15 burpee box jump overs
10t DB squat cleans

Fathom – longer workout today based on your approach
Gear – never feeling out of breath because pacing yourself to prevent too much fatigue before the heavy squat cleans is the priority. Programming a heavy lift or a high skill gymnastics at the end of a round in a workout is meant to slow you down. Getting there trashed won’t help you finish each round with good form. If the bar is too light, you will rip through the reps and the intensity will be far too high to sustain for 5 rounds. If the bar is loaded correctly, it will force you to slow way down, do controlled singles, allowing you to get right back on your run and burpee box jump overs.
Knots – the squat cleans should be heavy enough to push you toward singles even in the sets of 5.
Current – square time

Some thoughts from Coach Kristi
Thursday, I love this workout, some cardio, mixed in with heavy BB. This one makes you think, you have to decide what you are putting on the bar. I will always work backward from what I want to hit on the last bar. Thinking between 80-85% for the single, then working back from there.

This workout is all about pacing. I feel like the big piece is the BBJO. Can you find a rhythm where as soon as you are done you can get right on the bar? Or in the scenario of no rest, use the time after the BBJO to change your plates, let your heart rate slow a little, hit your lifts, and go back out on the run.

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