WOD – Thursday 9/26

Grab a light dumbbell
:20 of work at each station
:10 transition time
DB hang snatch
Moving at 50 to 60%
Complete 2 rounds

Group mobility session

“Trip Wire”
Teams of 3
3 rounds
4 min max cals row
3 min max DB hang snatch
2 min max burpees
1 min max cals AB
This one should be fun. The working time is broken up however you want, but remember you have two buddies to depend on which means as soon as you start to slow down it might be a good time to switch. Because the WOD is broken up into specific intervals, working for a specific amount of time before switching might be a better approach. Either way you are going to get a bit more rest than normal, so find a little extra when it is your turn.

The DB hang snatch is a new spin-off an old movement. We have all done a DB snatch before and we have all done a DB hang clean and jerk before. This will be a combination of the two. Make sure we are keeping that DB close through the pull and the arm close when overhead.

Core Finisher
3 rounds
:20 hollow hold
:20 flutter kicks
:20 hollow rocks
:20 scissor kicks
Rest 1:00 between rounds

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