WOD – Thursday 9/3

12/10 cal AB
12 med ball deadlifts
12 med ball squats
8/6 cal AB
8 med ball cleans
8 med ball sit-ups

All tracks
Cals AB
Med ball cleans
Med ball sit-ups
Ladies calories

Fathom – another long one. Will depend on your ability to push the bike.
Gear – low and “slow”
Knots – after the bike, the legs will be a little tired, so it might feel like the med ball cleans will need to be broken up. They do not. Get on the med ball and stay on the med ball. If you are someone who truly cannot push the bike, you could sub out a rower or simply lower the calories. Think about each chunk having a time limit. The 50/40 shouldn’t take you any more than 4:00
Current – all square contained.

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