WOD – Tuesday 10/1

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Dynamic warm-up as a class
Then, with an empty barbell
10 deadlifts
10 hang cleans
10 bent over rows
8 power cleans
8 hang cleans
8 good mornings
6 power cleans
6 hang cleans

Hamstring and front rack mobility

CF Strength
Weightlifting complex – 1 power clean + 1 hang power clean
Look to 9/20
Today both lifts are power cleans.
Since we do not have to worry about pulling ourselves under the bar, we can be totally focused on finding success in the power clean. Here are my 4 tips to hitting a big number.
1. Really dialing in and taking the time to perfect your starting position, every time.
Arguably, the most important position is your starting position. The start position correlates with the amount of success an athlete has with the lift because it determines right from the beginning whether or not you are going to engage the big muscles and hit the proper positions. The starting position is something you have complete control over. You can take all the time you need to set up. Get it right; Chest up, shoulders back, back tight and for goodness sake, find tension is every muscle and joint on your body.
2. Keep the bar close.
The closer the bar is to your body, the more control over the bar you have. If the barbell starts travelling away from your body, you will find that the barbell will have more control over you. If the bar comes out front, so will you and your weight, resulting in a missed lift forward. Keeping the bar tight to the body can help keep your weight concentrated in the right area of the foot throughout the lift.
3. Make sure you hit the positions
Hit the hang and then pull into the high hang. If you do you are ensuing maximum power and explosiveness while keeping the bar close like discussed above. If you miss either of these positions you are leaving a lot of horsepower on the floor and losing a lot of control. There is a reason that we practice these positions independently, because they are so important.
I have been taking a lot about bar speed. Forcing my classes to slow down the pull from the floor to help hit the hang position and accelerate that the right time through the middle of the thigh. If you go too fast off the floor, you have a much higher chance of skipping the hands and high hang.
4. Find a good finish position
The lift isn’t over yet. Racking the bar correctly will allow for a clean, balanced lift and decrease the likelihood of injury to the wrist and hand. With the elbows pointing straight ahead, the bar should rack nicely across the deltoids with the bar in close proximity to the throat. The weight of the bar should be resting on the shoulders and only guided by the fingertips. The hips should be back, the chest should be slightly forward, the feet should be a little wider and the knees need to be bent. Like a quarter front squat.

16 min AMRAP
15/12 cals AB
30 DU’s
15 box jumps
30 DU’s
You must find a way to keep moving in this one. The combination of the cals on the bike, the double under’s and the box jumps will really torch the legs and spike the heart rate, so try to keep your breathing under control and move smoothly from exercise to exercise.

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