WOD – Tuesday 6/2

Yesterday we had 100 members attend a class yesterday during our first day back. That is truly incredible. I hope your experience was everything you wanted/needed it to be. I know my classes were everything I missed about being your head coach. Remember, if you looking to come to any class, you must register in Wodify beforehand.

Also, we have some members who are still not ready to come back completing Port @your Place workouts at home. Rockstars with dumbbells and boxes following along in their garages, living rooms, or basements. If you are completing at-home workouts, log your weights and times in the results slot in Wodify so we can all give you all a virtual high five.

Here’s to an awesome day 2, and some Olympic lifting!

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
2 rounds
10 deadlifts
10 high pulls
The Port clean warm-up
5 of every movement, at every position
Dip and drives
Dip, drive and high pulls
Muscle cleans from the high hang
Power cleans from the high hang with pause in catch
Power cleans from the hang with pause in catch

Hang clean – complete reps with a :03 pause in the hang position. Work on a challenging triple.
Build to no more than 6/10 RPE
Not a find a 3RM strength session. That doesn’t even mean you are allowed to “see where you are at”. That means you will not be failing any of these hang cleans. Not even close. Take pride in each rep. Hole the position for a full :03 and really try to feel quality movement as you get acclimated with the olympic lifts.

4 sets
12t DB deadlifts (6 each)
10t SA DB hang clean with pause at the hang in catch position
You should find a weight in which you complete all the work on each side unbroken. These are meant to be as much of a grip strength activity as they are hamstring and glute. For those really trying to get a good session in, try to make them DB muscle hang cleans.

5 rounds
10 banded good mornings
10e bicep curls
10 strict DB toes touches
A third option for those who are looking to simply do some bodybuilding.

5 rounds
12/10 cals AB
6 hang cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)(75/55#)
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Really meant to push the pace here. Find something that is almost uncomfortable right from the beginning. However fast doesn’t mean sloppy. All cleans should be light enough to do unbroken. Think about a RPE of 4 in comparison to your strength session.

5 rounds
12/10 cals AB
12t DB hang cleans
Rest 1:00 between rounds
Just. Go. Can you hang on?!

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