WOD – Tuesday 6/23

Spend 2:00 in Z1
Then 3 rounds of
14 med ball deadlifts
12 weighted sit-ups
10 med ball plank taps with push-up

Strict pull-ups or ring rows – 4 sets of 5 to 10 perfect reps, unweighted.
4 rounds
8e bent over rows
:30 hollow hold

PortFit and PortBurn
18 min EMOM
1. 15/12 cals rower (or on any machine)
2. 15 med ball cleans
3. 15 push-ups
The key to success with any EMOM is to challenge yourself for :40 to :50 of each minute. If you go over and prevent yourself from getting a rest, you will not be able to sustain. When I look at an EMOM, I try to figure out what will take most of the minute while what other minute I can really push and get as much rest as possible. The calories and med ball cleans will take some work to get through, but the push-ups are where I will earn most of my rest. Where can you push?

1. :30 of 10m shuttle runs
2. 10 DB hang squat cleans
3. 15 push-ups

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