WOD – Tuesday 7/14

400m run
20t walking lunges
10 sit-ups

All tracks
2000m row/ski
1 mile run
100 sit-ups
60/50 cal bike or 72/60 cal row

**P@YP option**
3 rounds
800m run
40 sit-ups
200m SA farmers carry

Fathom – Long domain. Think between 18 and 30 minutes.
Gear – start in 2nd or 3rd gear and try to stay in 2nd and 3rd gear.
Knots – this is a long conditioning piece which means you need to stay within that aerobic threshold for it to serve its purpose. That means a slower, more deliberate pace on each piece of this workout will be much more beneficial than pushing and then slowing down, pushing and then slowing down.
Current – you will need 2 machines in your box. A rower and bike or a rower and a ski. Your choice.
If you row the 2k you must ski or bike the cals
If you ski the 2k you must row or bike the cals, probably row

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