WOD – Tuesday 7/21

:30 plank hold
300m run
15 air squats
:30 plank hold
200m run
15 wall balls

All tracks
30 min AMRAP…
Shuttle run, x10
Wall balls

Fathom – 30 minutes is as long as we get. Low and slow today.
Gear – thinking back to last week, the workout with the mile run, 2000m row, 100 sit-ups, and 60/50 cals on the AB. We knew from the beginning it was going to take us over 20 minutes. We tailored our approach because of it. Today, you know you will be working for 30 minutes so we should have the same mentality.
Knots – even though the time domain is similar to last week’s longer workout, today’s work is very different. It is easier to stay in a lower gear when you are completing longer aerobic movements like running and rowing, but when they are smaller reps of movements like shuttle runs or wall balls, you will be tested. Can you find a way to keep moving, while maintaining a slower pace in a set of 10 or 20 wall balls? When the run distance is only 100m at a time, can you still settle into a 30 min pace?
Current – sit-ups in your box, everyone has a wall ball station, shuttle runs outback. The floor is lava, stay out of other people’s boxes.

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