WOD – Tuesday 7/7

2 to 3 rounds
12/10 cals row
10 empty BB RDL’s
8 bent over rows
4 burpees over the BB

10 min EMOM
Evens – 6 to 8 chin-ups or 8 to 10 slow ring rows
Odds – 10 Romanian deadlifts
Coaches, the Romanian deadlifts. AKA the Romanian deadlift. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZAKFRNtxLY
We do a lot of singles leg RDL’s, but today is not single leg. Great accessory piece to help build your deadlift, but ensures a much lower volume because it is a lot harder than your conventional lift.

4 rounds
10 SA bicep curls
15 banded lat pull-downs
10 DB Romanian deadlifts
Max effort bar hang

All tracks
3 rounds
800m row
60 air squats
40 hollow rocks
Fathom – longer, lower, and slower.
Gear – this is a conditioning piece so find a way to hold a consistent pace. Do not push any aspect of this workout as to force rest. If you come out and stay in 3rd gear you won’t find yourself with your hands on your knees trying to catch your breath.
Knots – there is nothing high skill here to slow you down, but the row is a little longer and sets are a little bigger so everything will take a little bit more time. The reaction to longer pieces is you get lulled into a much, much slower pace. Keep your eye on your screen and maintain a stroke rate or average 500m pace so you do not veer off course too much.
Current – all you need is a rower, so set-up is a piece of cake.

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