WOD – Tuesday 8/14

Check out our member shout out this month which clearly had to go to our CrossFit Games Masters Athlete, 14 fittest 50 to 54 year old woman, Coach Lunny. Check out how she came to The Port, how often she uses emoji’s and truly how dissapointing her phone wall paper is.

Don’t forget, our annual beach WOD is this Saturday. Come to WOD and stay to lounge.

Spend 2 minutes in Z1
Then, 3 rounds
10 KB deadlifts/KB SDHP/RKBS
10 goblet lunges
10 push-ups

Posterior chain prep for the strength

A. Sumo deadlift – find a heavy triple in no more than 6 working sets.
B. Front rack lunges – 3x10t; AHAP
Both our heavy pull work and unilateral work for the week so take the time to make each section productive.
You guys have seem to respond really well to the sumo set-up, last time we lifted sumo was on a Saturday, your form was outstanding. Remember, feet will be really wide and the hands will be super narrow. A heavy triple will require putting a huge priority on maintaining tension throughout the entire lift.

The lunges can be done off the rack and can be forward or reverse. The bar should be AHAP for all three sets.

2 rounds
600m row
400m run
20 T2B
Two rounds, AFAHP. So pushing each section of this WOD will pay off as long as you are realistic in your pace. There is no rest between rounds so going all out probably won’t pay off. Really think about this idea before you begin the WOD so you do not come out too hot. Either way, it is going to challenge you aerobically so break off huge chunks of the T2B when you get there.

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