WOD – Wednesday 10/26

Warm Up
Plank Slam: 4:00 AMRAP
1 partner holds plank while the other does 10 slam balls. Switch after every set.
*slam balls mean slam balls, not drop balls

Set up your bar for your push press
– Sink Stretch
– Reverse Sink Stretch
– Front Rack Stretch – elbows on bar & head through
– Trap Smash (one partner hold the bar down while the other does 10 arm raises)

Push press – 10×2; ascending in weight

“Oh Boy”
OtB burpees
Hang cleans (115/75#)(95/65#)
Box jumps
Another workout that pacing and weight choice will be key. Hang cleans will probably not go unbroken, but big sets should be the expectation.

Cool Down
2 min lax ball on the bottom of your foot
2 min foam roller
1 min in spiderman

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