WOD – Wednesday 7/22

3 rounds
10/8 cals AB
10 push-ups to down dog + 2 shoulder taps
10 banded high pulls to pull-aparts

Every 1:30 complete a set of A or B. Alternate and complete 4 sets of each.
A. Strict HSPU’s
B. Strict pull-ups
*rep scheme is up to you

A1. SA DB strict press – 5x8e; AHAP and across
A2. Ring row w/pause – 5×8

12 min AMRAP
30/24 cals AB
15 clean and jerks
10 burpees

12 min AMRAP
30/24 cals on any machine
20 KBS
10 burpees
**P@YP option – complete a 400m run for the calls on a machine and SA DB swings instead of KBS**

Fathom – moderate time domain
Gear – think about approaching this one by breaking it up into 4 quarters. Each quarter is 3:00 long. You know by the 4th quarter your heart rate and breathing is going to be through the roof. So plan for it in the first 3.
Knots – The calories on the AB will take the most amount of time per round. But like Monday’s class, if you struggle with finding intensity on the bike, switch it out for a rower or ski erg. These intervals should be hard, but should not be pushed like the 15/10 cals we did the other day. Clean and jerks should be able to be done unbroken, whether or not you decide that is the best strategy is up to you. Burpees are all American burpees. Not over the bar. So stand all the way up each time.
Current – self-contained fitness

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