WOD – Wednesday 9/25

Opposite TABATA bike sprints
:10 of work, :20 of rest, x8
Never over 80% effort
Then, 2 rounds with monster band
10 steps, plank walk left
10 push-ups
10 steps, plank walk right
10 shoulder taps

Quick shoulder mobility

A1. Bench press – 6×4; 70% and up building to a 4RM
A2. Chin-ups – 6 sets of sub ME
A3. GHD or weighted sit-ups – 6×10 to 15
This strength is going to take the majority of class so take you time warming up, take plenty of rest between supersets, and move with quality as the priority not speed. Make each piece (A1, A2 and A3) as difficult as possible.

Major movement focus today is going to be the GHD sit-up. We see a lot of people incorporating the GHD machine as an accessory piece after class and the coaching staff wants to make sure you understand its purpose, how it plays an important role in our programming. It is not an ab machine, in fact, if you are looking to isolate your abs, there are far more effective ways. But because the GHD sit-up requires you to fire your glutes and hamstrings (the G and H in GHD) the gains you get from using it, transfers really well to everything we do in our daily programming. By bending your legs on the way down and straightening them on the way up, you are mirroring things like cleans, KBS, and even box jumps. So much sure you understand how to do them correctly to ensure you are getting out exactly what you think.

200m sprint
Rest 1:00, x8
This workout has two goals.
1. Try to get the work to rest ratio as close to 1:1 as possible, more rest would be even better.
2. All 8 rounds within 10% of each other in terms of times. Might mean coming out a little bit slower than you think you need to in order to maintain a pace.

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