Burn – Tuesday 3/3

Foam roller on lats
Keg drill

3 rounds for quality
200/150m row
10 strict press
10 bent over rows
*add weight each round

Burn Strength
A1. DB strict press – 5x5e; AHAP
A2. Piked ring pull-ups – 5×5
A2 are ring pull-ups, not ring rows. Make sure you know the difference and set-up accordingly.

Burn WOD
“Tuesday’s Best”
18 min AMRAP
400m run
15 DB facing burpee
30t DB snatch (50/35#)
Intended stimulus – time to get outside and see how we have held up over the winter. As the veterans know, no matter how well we have improved the cardiovascular system through biking and rowing, you get better at running, by running. The first couple of runs might take a little while to literally get your feet under you. Like yesterday’s WOD, you are going to want to come out a little slower and find a pace by either maintaining or slightly increasing your pace. Once you come in, find a rhythm in the reps. Control your breathing and settle in.

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