CrossFit’s programming is defined by, “constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity,” with a goal of general physical preparedness (GPP) Because of this, you can expect each Port workout to be a little different than your last. It is our goal to prepare you for anything and everything you might want to be able to do outside of the gym today, tomorrow, as well as 5, 10, and 15 years down the road.

Each coach-led class is 1 hour and follows the same general outline with a Warm-Up and Mobility, Strength/Skill Session, and ends with the Workout Of the Day, and time to Cool Down.

Our programming is thoughtfully designed through each day, week, month, and year to help you move the needle forward in all 10 of our elements of Fitness: cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Still not sure whether Group Crossfit is right for you?

No problem! Regardless of the track you choose here at The Port, each workout is scalable and modifiable for everyone of any age and skill level. Our coaches and staff meet you where you are at, and help individually tailor each day and each workout to your goals and needs.

Feel free to check out our additional class options below.

Personal Training
Personal Programming
At-Home Programming
Programming for the Road
Specialized classes to
get your kids moving
in fun and functional ways
Current members and non-members will benefit from
this alternative to CrossFit program
40-45 Minutes
of continuous work
to make you sweat
and build your endurance
Geared towards athletes who want
to have a better understanding Olympic Lifting
while also working to improve technique
Skill sessions are one on one sessions
for you to work with a coach on skills and/or
movements of your choice.

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