New to CrossFit?

The Port Prep Course:


Schedule a Free Consultation

Interested in learning what The Port is all about? Your first step is to schedule a free consultation. During this 45 minute session you will meet one-on-one with a trainer. After receiving a tour of the gym the trainer will review our program, describe the CrossFit methodology & lastly discuss your goals & how we can help you achieve them. After the consult you will have a better idea if The Port is for you.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consult please email Sophie at Let us help you kick start your fitness journey!


The Port Prep Course

After completing your free consult it’s time for your Port Prep Course. The Port Prep Course is a 4-day introduction to the major principles and major movements that new athletes should know before joining our Group Classes. In Prep, the athlete will primarily learn about The Port community, coaching, and class experience. Prep Course is much more about landing major concepts with the athlete than requiring they remember every single detail of what we do. Our Prep course is the beginning of the athlete’s journey but the learning continues as they transition into group class. Sometimes it might feel like a lot to remember but the coaches are always here for you!

Our Prep Course is comprised of four 1 hour long sessions at $50 per session.


Join Group Class

Now you’re trained on the movements, the approach, and ready to join group class.

However, we work with you and your comfort level to ease you into the group class.  Your coach from the Prep Course will mentor you through your first few sessions by explaining in detail the prescribed class workouts, developing a game plan with you for scaling any movements to match your current skill and ability, and will also be available to shadow you through your first few classes.

Experienced CrossFitter?

Send us a note with the contact form on this page, or email Sophie at and let her know that you’re interested in checking us out. Please provide her some information about your CrossFit experience including the name of your previous affiliate(s) and how long you’ve been doing CrossFit. Once the information is collected Sophie will help you pick a day/time to come in for a group class. A trainer will be present during your first session to give you a tour of our facility, discuss membership options & answer all your questions.

We’re excited to show you what our amazing community is all about!

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