Port Skill Sessions

Skill sessions are one on one sessions for you to work with a coach on skills and/or movements of your choice. Skill sessions are built into your membership but can also be purchased. These sessions are specifically designed to…

  • help you learn and develop new and difficult skills

  • offer advice and tips aimed to break through current plateaus

  • perfecting technique through 1 on 1 attention, a thorough breakdown of the movement, and the use of video critique

  • all while building confidence with movements that you don’t get enough exposure to in a typical CrossFit week

Skill sessions last for 30 or 60 minutes depending on what you’d like to work on.

Skill Session Pricing

  • 1 year Membership Contract includes 2 hours of Skill Sessions
  • 6-month Membership Contract includes 1 hour of Skill Sessions
  • 3-month Membership Contract includes a 30min Skill Session

Additional Skill Sessions:

30min Session – $40

60min Session – $60

Bring a workout buddy and you both save 10% per session.

Email info@theport.fit to schedule yours!

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