Friday – 2/26

The Port


2:00 in Z1

+ TABATA (:20 work / :10 rest)
Air Squats
Push-Up with Side Rotation
Ring Row
Reverse Lunges

+ Wrist and Shoulder Rotational Drills w/ a 5# plate.


“No Whiteboard Friday”
4 “Tempo” Rounds*
*Each movement done with a :03 eccentric, and a :03 pause. You choose weight.

8 Goblet Squats
8 Strict Chin-Ups or Inverted Barbell Rows
8e Box Step-Downs
8 Ring Push-Ups

Bike 20/16 Calories at your Z3 Pace after each round.


Post-WOD Accessory

3 Rounds:
100m Farmer’s Carry
10e Paloff Press
:40 L-sit (accumulate)


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