Friday- 7/2


Nominate The Port – CrossFit Portsmouth for the Best Fitness Center on the Seacoast!

Normal Schedule July 3rd – 5th. Happy 4th!

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The Port


10 Band Pass-Through
10 Band Pull-Aparts
10 Light Wall Balls
10t Wall Ball Hug Reverse Lunges

+ Thoracic Spine and Scapular Mobility


10 Min to work on Kipping and T2B


Partner WOD Friday!
For Time, Under a 22 min CAP:
100 Wall Balls
100 T2B
100t Suitcase Hold Step-Ups (50/35)(24/20)
100t Hang DB Snatch
60 Wall Balls
60 T2B
60t Suitcase Hold Step-Ups
60t Hang DB Snatch

Cool Down

3:00 Bike, Run, or Row
1:00 Spiderman w/ Elbow to Instep L
1:00 Spiderman w/ Elbow to Instep R
1:00 Trunk Rotations
1:00 Keg Drill

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