Friday – 1/08

The Port


Choose a machine for the day and spend :90 in Z1
+ 3 Rounds with 1 light DB:
8e Half-Kneeling Strict Press
10 DB Bent Over Rows
10t Plank Reaches
+ Banded Shoulder Mobility


4 Sets for Quality:
4-7 Strict HSPU
12 Tempo Barbell Bent Over Rows (21X1)
10 Tempo DB Lateral Raises (21X1)
:30-:45 Weighted Hollow Hold

Burn Strength

4 Sets for Quality:
6e DB Strict Press*
8e DB Bent Over Rows*
10 DB Lateral Raises
:30- :45 Hollow Hold
*Make these heavy and challenging today!


EMOM X 6 on any piece of cardio equipment.
:30 “hard” / :30 “easy”
Goal is to build each round.
Record your RPMs or Cals/Hr each round.

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