Meet the Team Tuesday – Coach Ty

It’s time for another Meet the Team Tuesday! This month we are featuring Coach Ty. You may see him early in the morning or later at night as Ty is one of our many coaches who has another job outside of The Port but chooses to spend his extra time teaching our members! And we are lucky to have him. He joined us back in June of 2018 and he was one of those members who we could tell instantly “drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid”. Ty is someone who shows up early to warm-up, stays late to work on his gymnastics technique, and always give you a high five post-WOD. Coach Ty has been such a positive addition to our coaching team. Below you can learn a little more about who Coach Ty is inside of The Port and out!

1. First, tell us about how you got started with Crossfit and what brought you to the Port?
I got into CrossFit because the traditional gym grind was driving me insane. I grew up playing sports so that drew me to the team atmosphere. I had been doing CrossFit style workouts for 3 months before moving to the area, so I reached out to Sophie asking if I could drop in to see if I liked the gym. I received a response in 10 minutes to come in, I took the 6:15 class that night, and I have been hooked ever since.
What has kept me at The Port are the members and the culture the gym has created. Every day I come in, I am pushed by my fellow members and coaches to push outside of my comfort zone to better myself. The people I have met at the gym have turned me into a better person.

2. What is your favorite part about being a Coach?
My favorite part of coaching is seeing members achieve things they didn’t think they could do when they woke up that morning. Coaching a class and being a part of someone’s first double under, muscle up, or PR of a complex lift they couldn’t do before is inspiring.

3. What are some things you love to do outside of the gym?
– Going to the beach
– Playing guitar
– Spending time with family and friends

4. If you were an existing or new color addition to the crayon box, what would you be and why?
Red white and blue because… ‘Merica.

5. If we had a Port Karaoke Night, what would be your song of choice?
3 A.M: Matchbox Twenty or Everybody: Backstreet Boys (read the room)

6. Tell us your favorite cheat meal/treat?
Bennett’s steak and cheese

Coach Ty, thanks for bringing a smile with you to every class and for constantly working to improve yourself both as a coach and an athlete. You are such a great role model and we would be your back-up singers for Backstreet Boys any day.



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