Meet the Team Tuesday – Coach Kayla

Every month we like to highlight a member in our gym who has really stood out for consistency, a positive attitude, hard work and being an important member of our community. This month, however, we decided to highlight one of our coaches to introduce the beginning of a new serious called ‘Meet the Team Tuesday’. We have a few new coaches on staff and some veteran coaches who you might not see at your regular class time. We thought it might be nice to get to know these coaches a little bit better outside of the gym walls. So, we are kicking things off with Coach Kayla!


1. First, tell us a little about your CrossFit story! How did you get started? How long have you been with the Port?
I’ve always loved to try new things. I was never fully in organized sports when I was younger, but tried a little bit of everything on the side. I did gymnastics for a few years and also participated in some volleyball, basketball, soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding, ice skating, and flag football. I found out about CrossFit through Justin – all these CrossFit photos kept coming up in my Facebook feed and I started looking into it. I tried a 30-day trial at Seacoast Kettlebell in May of 2012 which was a CrossFit affiliate at the time. I moved shortly after and ran into Justin. I wanted to keep doing CrossFit so I touched base with him to start my on-ramp at CFP/The Port in October 2012. My first two workouts were Angie and the Filthy Fifty. I was so sore and loved it!
I got my L1 at the beginning of 2014, did a kid’s program at CFP and CrossFit Harpoon, and also coached at Black Pearl in Hampton for 1 year. I got my CF L2 this past February, and am now officially onboard coaching regular classes at The Port.


2. What has changed for you since joining? What change are you most proud of?
So much has changed for me since joining! The thing that has changed for me the most is my “WHY”. I really loved Coach Ashley’s article this past Open about figuring out what competition means to as a person at different points in their life, it really resonated with me. When I first started CrossFit I really needed an outlet, so it became a stress reliever. Then, I loved the competition aspect and that became my focus. Now my why is to be a great coach, healthy and happy in all of my pursuits in life.
Sometimes it changes daily; some days I’m just in the gym to move my body, other days I’m there to crush the WOD, and some days I’m there to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m a very ALL or NOTHING type of person so CrossFit has really helped me be much more balanced in all aspects of my life that were always on one end of the spectrum or the other.


3. What are some things you love to do outside of the gym?
I love to be at the beach. A couple of years ago I started hiking again which I’ve come to enjoy more and more. My goal is to finish the 52 With A View and the 48 4,000 footers in NH. I also love live music and of course, traveling!


4. If you were an existing or new color addition to the crayon box, what would you be and why?
I woud be yellow just because it’s cheerful and happy 🙂


5. If we had a Port Karaoke Night, what would be your song of choice?
You and I by Lady Gaga


6. Tell us your favorite cheat meal/treat?
Anything milk chocolate.


Kayla, we are so lucky to have you and your bright and cheery attitude as a member of our gym community and coaching staff!


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